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You will soon be saying good-bye to a minister.  In doing so, you will also be saying goodbye to the particular congregation you were when that minister shared the ministry with you. These changes necessarily entail losses that must be grieved; they also create an opening for new and exciting things to emerge for the congregation as a whole, and for its members.

I’m delighted to be in conversation with you at this point in your process.  I hope that this website will provide you with a sense of who I am as a minister, and what I might have to offer your congregation.  I welcome your interest and your questions as you seek the person who will minister with and to you during the next phase of your congregation’s ministry.

Should we discover that I am that minister, I will bring my heart, mind, and creativity to our shared ministry, lovingly and creatively helping you live into your calling as a congregation in this time and place, in your particular circumstances. Sometimes this will mean guiding you; sometimes following you; and sometimes walking with you into uncharted territory, where we will try new things in order to discover and call forth the gifts that lie within you. Always it means encouraging you to listen attentively to what calls to your hearts, what beckons you into deeper relationship with yourselves, one another, the wider community and the sources that nourish, sustain and challenge you.

I believe that ministry is both spiritual and practical.  I bring many gifts to this work: powerful, well-integrated worship and preaching that engages the intellect and the heart; spiritual depth; institutional savvy with a systems perspective; skillful facilitation; insightful and compassionate pastoral leadership that tends at once to individual needs and to the needs of the congregation; moving songs; and wide-ranging curiosity embodied in a warm minister with the wisdom of well-integrated life experience.

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me through this website.  I look forward to talking with you.