Just when I feel myself start to settle in,
I hear you telling me it’s time to leave.
But my tears aren’t even dry yet,
and I don’t know how,
how to live the truths I’m coming to believe.

And just when I notice how much I feel at home,
I sense you pushing me to try to fly.
But my wings aren’t even dry yet,
and I don’t know how,
how I’m ever going to dare to say good-bye,
when I’ve finally found a gentle love
to hold me when I cry.

And I know my anger hurts you
’cause I’ve turned it inward, too.
And you’ve reached into my darkness sometimes
and pulled me through.
But it’s different now.
I don’t know how.
But I can’t feel you there.
I can’t feel you care.

And if the universe provides all my lessons I know
that my longing for you is a longing to grow
deep within me where
my soul lies bare,
so my own love can carry me through
my own fear which keeps me from you.

And if your role in my life is to nurture the seed
of love in my soul, I have just what I need
when I can’t feel you there,
I will learn to care,
and my own love will grow strong and free,
as I learn to be all I can be.

And these wet, tender wings will dry in the flight
as I soar with myself through the darkness and light.
And I will feel you there,
I will feel you care,
when my own love is lifting me high,
there’s no love that I will deny,
when my own love is lifting me high.

© Emily Melcher 2000