Invitation to little em

Invitation to little em

You’re the angry one,
the blessed one,
You’re the one who laughs and cries.
You’re the loving one,
the playful one,
You’re the one who’s never bent herself to lies.

You’re the one who’s had to learn to shout,
the one I’ve tried to live without,
the one I hope to welcome back today.

So won’t you laugh with me?
Tumble in the grass with me?
We can spread our wings
and twirl until we fly!
And if you fall to fear,
I will hold you near,
I will hold you close and listen when you cry.

You’re the one who’s had to learn to shout,
the one I’ve tried so hard to shut out,
You’re the child who shoots off sparks,
who sparkles in my grown-up eyes.
You’re the one who dares to live without disguise.

So won’t you play with me?
Celebrate the day with me?
We can splash our dreams like sunshine
in the skies.
And if you fall to shame,
I will call your name,
When you lift your gaze, I’ll look into your eyes.

You’re the one I haven’t dared to see
who dreams of all that I can be,
You’re my little one,

So come and dance with me,
Won’t you take a chance with me?
When you need me, little one,
I will be here.
You’re the child I have longed for,
I’m the one you’ve sung your song for,
And I will be the one to hold you through your fear.
I will be the one to welcome you, my dear.
My little one,
you will find welcome here.

© Emily Melcher 2000